5x Coffee Hotspots in MQ

5x Coffee Hotspots in MQ

There are multiple places in Museum Quarter where you can have a good cup of coffee... You just have to know where to go!

A day is not complete without a delicious cup of coffee… And there is no place better than Museum Quarter to visit some trendy coffee hotspots! Especially for all those coffee lovers, we have made a list of 5 coffee hotspots in Museum Quarter you must pay a visit to. And while you are in the area, you can explore other fun things to do. Such as shopping and museum hopping

Blushing: the healthy coffee concept

The concept of Blushing is made up by the inspiring Gordon. He is a coffee fanatic and wanted to mix his passion with a healthy lifestyle. And that ambition ended up in the fantastic hotspot Blushing. You can find Blushing at the Paulus Potterstraat. This street is between Museumplein and the Van Baerlestraat… Blushing could not be more centrally situated in Museum Quarter than this!

Nespresso: sustainable quality coffee

Nespresso is the place for coffee lovers who appreciate high-quality coffee. They have a wide range of coffee flavors, such as India and Volluto. Nespresso has something for everyone! This beautiful hotspot is a store, which means you can not sit down and have a cup of coffee. But you can enjoy the outstanding Nespresso coffee at home… What more could you want? 

Café Georgette: coffee and food 

Coffee goes great with a fantastic breakfast or lunch… Or even as a delicious dessert! Whatever time of day you choose to get some coffee, Café Georgette always provides you with some delightful coffee. Or have your hot beverage with one of their cakes… There is plenty of choice! 

Brandmeester’s: master of roasting coffee

This quality coffee roaster is without any doubt a must visit. Brandmeester’s is an artisan coffee roaster who guarantees fresh and delicious coffee. Come and taste their outstanding coffee in the shop at the Van Baerlestraat. Or buy some coffee to try at home. Whatever your preference is, Brandmeester’s will never disappoint you! Brandmeester's is also planning to roast coffee beans in their own shop. That sounds impressive!

Brasserie de Keijzer: culinary x coffee

The last, but for sure not the least, is Keijzer. At Brasserie de Keijer your taste buds will go crazy from all the delicious food and coffee! Brasserie de Keijzer serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. And those courses can be perfectly mixed with an outstanding cup of coffee.