5x Restaurants

5x Restaurants

After a day of art, culture and shopping, you definitely need to eat, right? Here are some of our favorites...

The uptown Meat Club

Just the right place for a perfect hamburger, tenderloin steak, cote de boeuf, entrecôte or bavette. The meat comes from the Dutch Dubbeldoel cow (sorry?) that’s a Dutch dairy cow that creates a beautiful piece of quality beef. The meat is wonderfully tender with a good old-fashioned beef flavor. Check theuptownmeatclub.com.   



If you really (really!) want to treat yourself… you go to Taiko. Located within the Conservatorium Hotel, this place knows exactly how to treat you well. Named after ancient Japanese drums said to beat with a mythic rhythm, the all Asian cuisine is a perfect blend of flavour, aroma and texture. Check www.conservatoriumhotel.com/taikorestaurant


Brasserie Keyzer

Our all time favourite. Here it doesn’t matter what you eat. From Dutch ‘kroketten’ to tournedos. They serve it all. In their classic ambiance, you feel right at home. Check www.brasseriekeyzer.nl.

The Seafood Bar

The perfect stop for your weekly portion of fresh fish (really, you need it). Order the fruits de mer ‘Seafood Bar’ and you simply don't know where to start. Lobster, snow crab, coquilles, langoustines. And more, and more and more… Check www.theseafoodbar.com.



This former fire station is located right at the corner of Museumsquare. Perfect for a fresh meal before going to the Concert Hall, which is across the street. The menu serves all, from a tasty pasta vongole to fresh mussels or a grilled black angus burger. Check www.soloetenendrinken.nl.