5 x hidden gems of MQ

5 x hidden gems of MQ

By Patricia Linhard, owner of District 1071.

Patricia Linhard is the owner of District 1071, a local shop in the middle of Museum Quarter, selling Fabienne Chapot, Rains, Maison Scotch, Lee, Becksondergaard and much more. It's a 94 year old (!) family business that started as haute couture in 1924.

1. Lot Sixty One Coffee

My favorite spot to start the day is on the bench in front of my store, District 1071, where we have the Coffee District, run by our fantastic Adil, who serves Lot Sixty one Coffee. People passing by on their bikes, going to work, visiting musea, there is such a beautiful mix of people here, it’s wonderful to sit and just watch everyone passing by.

2. The Vondelbunker

Not many people know that right under the Vondelbrug, the bridge that goes over the Vondelpark connecting the Van Baerlestraat with the Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat, there is an old emergency shelter that dates from 1947. It’s called the Vondelbunker. Nowadays, all kinds of musical and cultural events are organized there.

3. De Roos

At the end of the P.C. Hooftstraat, right at the entrance of the Vondelpark, you find De Roos; a cultural spiritual centre that has a charming tea garden. It is such a beautiful spot, a bit hidden, and always quiet. You can enjoy a nice cup of tea here or one of their biological soups.

4. The place under ‘de Nachtwacht’

When you walk under the aches of the Rijksmuseum and immediately stop and look up, you will see a huge steel frame, the same size as the night watch. The story goes, that this is the exact spot under which the world famous painting is hanging and in case of emergency, this painting can be lowered down in no time… If its true, we will probably never know.

5. The gardens of the Rijksmuseum

Strangely enough, at one of the most crowded places of the area, right next to the entrance of the museum, you will find a place of complete peace: the garden of the Rijksmuseum. Situated a bit lower, so not very easy to find, there is this serene garden with beautiful flowers, a pond, and a small coffee spot.