5 x outfit tips (for men)

5 x outfit tips (for men)

by Edward de Jonge Urbach, owner of Azzurro Fashion Group.

Edward is the owner of 35 year old family-run business Azzurro, which has four shops in Museum Quarter Amsterdam.
In his newest concept store for men, FOUR, Edward gives his five tips for an impeccable outfit.

1. The combination

It takes attention and care to make the right combination. A bermuda can also be classy if you wear it with a blazer; Italian Style (when done correctly..). When you buy clothes, think of the items you can combine it with. Go to stores that really help you in making a complete outfit instead of just buying one item.

2. Adjust

Think about where you are going. Some outfits will go very well for a club night, but not really for a dinner date. Visualize the entourage, the people (and off course check the dress code if needed).

3. Find inspiration

Check Instagram & webshops of your favorite brands and stores for different looks and combinations.

4. Accessorize

Believe it or not, the right accessory can make the outfit. A key chain, sunglasses, a belt, or even socks can do it for you.

5. Wear a silk bowling shirt

Just, because.