How to spend a day in the Van Baerlestraat

How to spend a day in the Van Baerlestraat

... But one day is actually not enough. Photo header: Carlos Amorales, Orgy of Narcissus, 2019. Courtesy the artist, kurimanzutto and Nils Stærk

Morning routine

Start the day well with a little self love: pay a visit to Rituals and Skins Cosmetics. Skins Cosmetics can be found in The Conservatorium Hotel and is definitely a must see! This cosmetics store is known for their exclusive supplies. They only sell brands of outstanding quality, such as Laura Mercier and Frederic Malle.

We bet you are familiar with the famous store Rituals. The staff of Rituals is always very friendly. Want to try a product? No problem! They always let you test whatever product you like. 

Skins Cosmetics, Van Baerlestraat 27                                        Rituals, Van Baerlestraat 36                                                

Have a bagely lunch!

After an intense morning of beauty shopping, it’s time for a delicious lunch! And there is no better place to have a nice lunch than at Bagels & Beans. During the wintertime, they have some special bagels and drinks on their menu. Besides the menu, the atmosphere in the restaurant is absolutely welcoming. Due to this comforting ambience, you never want to leave!

Bagels & Beans, Van Baerlestraat 40

Time for some REAL shopping

Your stomach must be totally filled after that amazing bagel… Now that have recharged your energy, you can continue your shopping adventure! It’s time to visit some fashion stores. We have a few boutiques for you in store. The first boutique is Petit Bateau. This children’s clothing store is just perfect for your little ones. Or you can give someone a fantastic gift from Petit Bateau. The options are endless!

Furthermore, a boutique you should definitely visit is Vanilia. This women’s clothing store has a wide range of clothes: from casual to festive, Vanilia is your go to address!

Of course, the Van Baerlestraat has a lot of different boutiques. If you want to check out all of them, click here.

Petit Bateau, Van Baerlestraat 19                                                Vanilia, Van Baerlestraat 30

Soak up some culture

Your day is not complete without a visit to Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam! Stedelijk has extremely interesting exhibitions at the moment, such as Mondriaan and Picasso. Children up to the age of 18 can enter the museum for free. Students and holders of a CJP pass get a discount. There are only advantages when visiting Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. Enjoy!

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the original building (A.W. Weissman, 1895) and the new building (designed

by Benthem Crouwel Architects). Photo: John Lewis Marshall. Address: Museumplein 10

Love goes through the stomach

Dinner is without any exception, the highlight of the day. The Uptown Meat Club knows how to serve some real good food. This luxury restaurant is a paradise for meat lovers! Plus the staff is amazingly friendly and professional. But do not worry, The Uptown Meat Club also has various vegetarian meals on their menu. And we can assure you, those are also delightful!

The Uptown Meat Club, Van Baerlestraat 7

Last but not least

End your sensational day with a concert at The Concertgebouw. This royal concert hall is, without a doubt, a must visit. We recommend buying a ticket online. Pick your favorite concert in their online agenda and have the greatest night of your life!

Photo: Hans Roggen. Address: Concertgebouwplein 10