3x Hidden Art and Culture You Can Not Miss

3x Hidden Art and Culture You Can Not Miss

Find out which hidden gems are worth visiting when it comes to art at the Museum Quarter!

Museum Quarter is full of hidden, historic art and culture galleries. Not only the big museums such as Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum have a lot to offer, but also smaller art galleries. We will tell you about 3 different art and culture galleries that may not be so big in Museum Quarter, but definitely have a rich collection. Trust us, they are absolutely worth the visit!

Cobra Amsterdam


Cobra Amsterdam is located at the Van Baerlestraat and has a very special collection and limited editions displayed in their gallery. They describe their art as innovative and exciting. You will mostly find art pieces combined with special materials like liquid gloss, metalpaint and resin. Cobra Amsterdam works closely with well-known, international artists. Together they create a high-end luxury collection.

Andreas Post


Andreas Post is a known dealer of fine violins, violas, cellos, bows. It’s understandable why one wouldn’t think of this as an art gallery. But even so, it is a shop with a historical background. Located at the Willemsparkweg Andreas Post’s shop has a variety of instruments that were made years ago. Definitely worth to look at.

Douwes Fine Art


Douwes Fine art is the oldest single family art business in the world. They offer five interesting centuries of paintings and other artwork. You can find high-quality works at this compelling art gallery Douwes Fine Art has a lot of knowledge and experience with regard to artwork and restauration. The art gallery is closely situated to Museumplein among the Rijksmuseum. Douwes Fine Art is definitely recommended for people who strongly appreciate art.