5 favourite winter items of....

5 favourite winter items of....

Sophie Wolsink, store manager Woolrich Amsterdam

Sophie Wolsink is store manager of Woolrich in the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. The ultimate outdoor / urban fashion brand known for their parka's. Sophie's philosophy? Everyone is welcome and the team is your greatest asset. Ideally her busy saturdays start with coffee and cake with her team. We asked her, what are your 5 favourite items to wear this winter. Here they come.

1. Aurora Long Parka

This is my all time favorite. This coat is só comfortable, superlight ánd superwarm. But it also is a fashion item, especially when you wear it a bit oversized. 

2. Alaskan Overshirt With Fringes

This is my favorite on a dry day. It's italian wool, and you feel that. I love the fringes on the sleeves. 

3. Red buffalo cape 

This cute cape with a print that we are wellknown for, is very soft. It is nice when you just want a bit of extra warmth while working or when you're at home on a cold sunday.

4. Leather Boots 

I love the looks of these boots. They start a bit stiff, but in a while they mold to your feet. I really like to put these on under a dress.

5. Loro Piana Jacket

This coat is made by the Italian luxury brand Loro Piana. It is completely wind- and waterproof. The water just glides off. However the fabric looks very soft. 

Interested? Visit the Woolrich Amsterdam store at the P.C Hooftstraat 36.