Douwes Fine Art

Douwes Fine Art

Museum Quarter Amsterdam - Douwes Fine Art

The present day ‘Douwes’ art dealing and restoration firm was established in 1770 and the gallery was registered in 1805: it is the oldest single family art business in the world. Douwes Fine Art offers five centuries of paintings, works on paper and sculpture: Dutch (including original Rembrandt prints), Flemish, French, Russian, Modern and non-European (including Africanists and contemporary Chinese) art. We have important, rare and expensive paintings on show, yet even for as little as a thousand euro we aim to enthuse any young collector. Douwes Fine Art endeavours to keep a low threshold and to provide expertise to a large public. We do this while maintaining consistently high-quality works of art in our collection.

Our unique collection of quality art is the result of over 240 years of expertise in buying art as well as our knowledge of the conservation and restoration of important works of art. Our present selection of five centuries of well-preserved pieces of art from all over the world are mostly on view in our gallery, located immediately next to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The gallery is open to the public, from Tuesday to Friday and by appointment. On a regular basis we also give lectures and tours in our gallery.

We advise private buyers with their purchases, either at auction, the art trade or from private collections. Advice can include topics such as conservation and the condition of a work of art, the value and importance of it, the art-historical meaning and other relevant matter. Additional services such as shipping and delivery worldwide, the interior decoration of collections, lighting and framing advice and much more will be available to you!

Johannes Vermeerstraat 15, 1071 DK Amsterdam